Sports Massage



We treat all sporting people from fun runners, pool and ocean swimmers, triathletes and footballers to semi-professional athletes. Our sporting clients include dancers, personal trainers and even those such as tradies – builders and plumbers who have physically demanding occupations.

Our sports massage therapists will provide specific treatments to enhance your training capacity. The key benefits are an increased appetite for high quality training, faster recovery times, more complete recovery, reduced muscle fatigue and prevention of muscle pain. We will identify and treat the key muscles that you use in your specific sport providing feedback and advice on how to maintain your training intensity and muscular range and flexibility.

Getting fit and improving your fitness becomes easier. Less pain and shortened recovery times means a greater capacity for training and better performance on the big day. Our massage therapy will flush your sporting muscles with fresh oxygen and nutrients to ensure they will work at maximum efficiency.


Over the days before your event you will be tapering off your training intensity, but you will need to keep your muscles in prime condition, avoiding any strains and fatigue, while getting primed for action. During this end phase massage can keep your muscles ‘working’ and warmed up without the risk of injury, fatigue or buildup of lactic acid. Stretching is important at this stage but this usually works the entire muscle group. Massage can work each specific muscle individually.

You have much to think about prior to event day, maybe some performance anxiety or the distractions of daily life. You want to be in peak mental shape too. Pre-event massage will clear your mind. A relaxed body means a relaxed mind. At this stage we will not use deep tissue pressures as you may have some muscular pain the next day. Instead it will be a moderate pressure that is very calming and help you sleep better the night before event day.


Congratulations you’ve done it! You’ve overcome the challenges and done your best. Active rest will reduce muscle soreness. Go for a short walk or a few slow laps in the pool. Ideally there are massages for the competitors at the finish line. If not you need to book in that same – or the next day to move lactic acid and other waste products from your muscles into your bloodstream for excretion. Muscle pain and tension will be released. Treat injuries you sustain by RICE (Rest –Ice-Compression-Elevation) and gentle massage to repair the damaged muscle fibres. An Epsom salts bath will help. Massage is available seven days per week.