Shiatsu Massage

japanese massage for re-energising

Shiatsu massage works best for you when:

  • Your energy is rundown and it is difficult to get moving.
  • You need to unwind, de-stress and relax.
  • You have tight, constricted, painful muscles and joints.
  • You have sleeping difficulties.
  • You need to put some life issues in perspective.

Keith Brown is the Centre’s experienced Shiatsu therapist. He obtained a Diploma in Shiatsu in 1991. With 27 years of practice you will be in the care of Keith’s very skilled hands.

You may ask what is Shiatsu? Best to experience it for your self but briefly it is a Japanese bodywork system that draws on Chinese medicine and Japanese folk-medicine traditions. It is a completely different experience to Remedial Massage but shares some common elements with Traditional Thai Massage.

You dress in some loose comfortable clothing that we supply, then lie on Keith’s massage table. Generally no oil is used. Keith then employs a combination of acupressure – Yoga based stretching – rubbing – kneading and rocking in a session that flows seamlessly from one sequence to the next.

Simply Shiatsu sets out to:

  • Remove individual energy blockages – both an excess and deficiency within your body
  • Relieve physical pain and stress
  • Restore mental and emotional balance

Like many of the Asian healing arts the aim is to achieve harmony in body, mind and spirit. A one-hour session will help greatly but 90 minutes will better balance chronic conditions.

If you are interested, with your treatment Keith can explain the healing principles of Shiatsu. Otherwise just experience the benefits yourself. We will soon have a video to demonstrate how it works.

Keith is also a Senior Instructor in Tai Chi and Qigong. He is available for Shiatsu on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. To book you can phone the Centre on (02) 9971 3112 or fill out the booking request form on the Contact page