Remedial Massage



Muscular aches and pains are no fun and makes it hard to get through your long hours at work leaving little enthusiasm for that relaxing walk or gym workout at the end of the day. Quality sleep becomes difficult and without a good nights rest the next day can literally be a real pain in the neck. Collapsing into the lounge at night does not really help you get over the pain.

At the Centre we can break the pain cycle with targeted remedial massage. For relief and restoration of your muscle mobility and function our experienced hands locate the source of your pain releasing the tense muscles or trapped nerves. Our massage techniques will bring fresh blood with oxygen and nutrients to repair your injury.


Regular and systematic remedial massage encourages your muscles to become firmer and more elastic facilitating easier movement and activity. You will run, swim, surf and workout with ease. You will become more aware of how your body performs. Some pain can be dealt with in one massage session particularly if it is acute but chronic pain may take a few sessions to resolve. Integral to our therapy is advice on posture and suitable stretches.


Unfortunately this goes hand in hand with much of our modern life. Commuting, spending 10+ hours at work and dealing with the boss all add up, leaving you exhausted, stressed, less motivation with no energy left over for the important activities in your life. The good news is that specialized remedial massage techniques can switch on your parasympathetic nervous system – the so-called ‘rest and digest’ response. This counters the surge of stress inducing adrenaline constantly released when you are under pressure. We can restore your peace of mind making the world a much friendlier place.