Pregnancy Massage

Relief for back pain


Your comfort, care and support are the key ingredients of our pregnancy massage therapy. As your body develops and your baby grows your physique experiences a series of structural and hormonal changes that places new demands on you. The better equipped you are to deal with these the more enjoyable your experience becomes.


Many of the difficulties you encounter during pregnancy can be alleviated through our gentle and supportive massage techniques. Our massage bed adapts to each stage of your pregnancy ensuring you relax so that you can sleep more soundly. Even a short nap during your massage is deeply restorative. When you are feeling better your baby will be calmer and better nourished.


At different stages you may experience lower back and leg pain plus other muscle strains. Through careful positioning and the application of specific massage strokes we can rebalance your body’s structure to relieve your discomfort. During the massage we respond to the subtle feedback our experienced hands sense as your body responds to our massage. Pregnancy massage can also reduce the need for pain medication.


By your third trimester fatigue can make even basic daily activities tiring. Massage can restore your energy. Your growing belly can cause digestive discomfort. There is good clinical evidence that massage reduces nausea during pregnancy. Fluid retention especially in your legs and ankles can be annoying. We can alleviate this oedema using specialised massage techniques.


Pregnancy experiences are available 7 days per week from 10.00am. All of our remedial massage practitioners are pregnancy proficient. Health fund rebates are available via HICAPS. Free 3 hour parking is available nearby above Woolworths supermarket with access by lift if needed. To ensure your massage treatment is safe it is recommended you discuss this with your doctor.