Cancer Massage



We have considerable experience supporting and providing reassurance to clients diagnosed with cancer. There are many concerns and difficult emotions to work through. Three of the Centre’s therapists specialize in massage for those with cancer, Robin Lyall, Howard Gilmore and Thanya Chunhapiboolye. They provide a gentle and comforting massage that improves wellbeing and helps you cope with the effects of cancer and the demands of medical treatment. Our massage technique is not a medical procedure but rather is a complement to conventional medicine. In addition to massage at Dee Why for cancer, these three therapists are also practitioners of lymphatic drainage that can alleviate the swelling – oedema – that may result from some cancer treatments.


Oncology massage is a powerful tool, creating an environment of calm, helping one recover a sense of comfort and dignity when confronting cancer. In America a growing number of hospitals offer therapeutic massage to their cancer patients. Some 21 of the world’s leading cancer research centres recommend massage. The accumulating body of scientific research reveals its safety and benefits for quality of life. Over time oncology massage moderates pain, nausea, anxiety, depression and fatigue. The Cancer Council of NSW supports the benefits of massage.


Oncology massage with our three specialists assists the individual cope with the impact of a cancer diagnosis, through their surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Every person’s cancer journey is different. A detailed individual medical history is needed and a number of precautions and adjustments are necessary before our massage treatment can proceed. We find it best that you first meet with us to work out a personal plan that will carry you through your cancer treatment. It may be advisable that your partner or carer participates in this. Cancer massage therapy is available most days and health fund rebates apply.

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