Cancellation Policy

We have made a time specifically available for you to enjoy your session. Our therapists are only paid for the time they are massaging. Sometimes there are other clients on a waiting list for your time. Of course unexpected things happen, there can be emergencies, accidents and sudden illness. We accept that these events are unforseen and the following does not apply when they occur. If there are any problems please contact us on (02) 9971 3112

1. Cancellation 12+ hours prior to your booking is OK.

2. Cancellation less than 12 hours prior to your booking there is a charge of $50 to reimburse your therapist.

3. Late Arrival Your session will start late and finish on the original time schedule if there is a booking immediately after.
You will be charged for your booked time.

4. No Show If you don’t turn up a charge of 100% of the session fee will apply.
This needs to be paid before we can take further bookings from you. Gift Vouchers will be forfeited.